ApplStream v8

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 00:00
ApplStream v8

Version 8 focuses more on enhancing the existing features and new design of the tool bar.


The new version of ApplStream is “smarter” and more user-friendly.






Enhanced existing features:

Publishing Server – now you can create user groups within the “Save Documents” publishing section and manage the access for sharing–the same standard method as in reporting.

Quick Search – now enhanced by an option to search the “Menu” and “Favorite Reports” structures.

Report Names – the names of previously created favorite reports display between the report and the form. In this way, users can see which reports were run.

Creating Charts – creating a chart from multiple selected values and the capability to swap the x axis for y.

Summarization – on the second level, you can select NOT to show details of values in a report.
Drill-down – now functional even for off-line reports



Enhanced financial-template generating feature
- enhanced by a filtering segment of the accounting chain
- saving/deleting lines in a template definition
- specifying a range during filtering
- details without a header and a change of order


We enhanced analytical features for both the “Obligations” and the “Claims” modules. First of all, “Obligations” and “Claims” for a “date” in the past and an “Extended payment” basket overdue 30:60:90…

Warehouses module – a new capability to calculate the number of items and the warehouse values from the beginning of the transactions and creating a differential report.

Tool bar new design– we have changed the tool bar design which is now much more “User-Friendly”. We added new features to make navigation of the saved reports faster.