The new version ApplStream 7

Thursday, 05 December 2013 10:06
The new version ApplStream 7

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Working with our software is an excellent experience. Once you have tried it, you won’t create reports in any other software. Its so easy to use and the sophisticated functions offer users unique solutions.





New version of ApplStream 7 delivers, not only improvements to on-line reports, but also functions that enable connection with other external data sources. For users, this means it is now very easy to join or compare external separated data sources. 


ApplSteam 7 has got "a brand new coat“.  Its not just a new look and a more attractive layout.  The design contains new functions and an easy overview from one screen which all users will appreciate.

menu 07 new
External data integration
This brand new function enables users to integrate on-line reports with an external data source (xls, csv …). View them in one report, compare optional data or display only the chosen data.
 compare-03 new 


Management report with new functions
Management reporting now includes new functions:
- Export into Excel from any screen
- Attach report to a particular screen
Set up your own Menu design
Each user has an option to set up his own Menu preferences of colour and size for each menu box, changing both vertical and horizontal dimensions.
 menu custom new
Improved set up for accounts into templates
It’s is much easier now to set up a particular account or their groups into a template line. It’s no longer necessary to write each account id number. Just one click and it’s done.
New hyper links in horizontal modules
All horizontal modules contains new hyperlinks. When you have view a listing of particular acounts in the time definition, you can display each line as a graph image.